Monday, June 01, 2009

On The Road

I'd hoped to be able to write a couple of posts in advance to keep The Archdruid Report going over the next two weeks, during most of which I'll be on the road and out of reach of the internet. Unfortunately the time hasn't worked out, so the next regular post will be on Wednesday, June 17. In the meantime, I'm pleased to report that The Ecotechnic Future, the sequel to The Long Descent, is on track for a September release and can be preordered now. Thank you all for contributing to the conversation that has made both these books possible -- and, with a little luck. might just enable us to cushion the descent into the deindustrial age.


wylde otse said...

Thank you for all the information and fine writing... I expect when your new books come out, you will arrange to have any books bought by your on-line buddies - your faithfull blog-followers - personally autographed. ( this increases their resale value, in some cases enormously... in case we need cash in the crash )

Loveandlight said...

For a second there upon seeing the title of the post, I thought you were going to discuss Cormac McCarthy's infamous apocalyptic novel!

Llewellyn said...

Would I be able to purchase your two books in the UK?

John Michael Greer said...

Otse, I wish! The only way that's likely to happen is if readers of this blog make it to one of my speaking gigs -- at which I'd be happy to sign any of my books, of course.

Loveandlight, no risk of that. I'm sure it's well written and all that, but you know, there's more than enough misery and despair in the world as it is; I have no interest in reading the kind of fiction that wallows in a world even uglier than ours.

Llewellyn, they ought to be available on your side of the pond -- has both of them, for example. If you have any trouble finding them, let me know and I'll see if the publisher has any suggestions.

fourpie said...

I have squandered some of today's precious resources to go forward into the future, where I took a look at your book. It is excellent. Unfortunately, due to the constraints of time travel, I could not bring a copy back, so I'll have to wait to by one. :-) Looking forward to a resumption of your blog.
Best wishes from an avid reader.
Andover, UK

Kevin said...

I just came across this BBC article about a French nuclear fusion project:

The gist of it seems to support your statements about the long-term feasibility of nuclear energy, and those of Schumaker.

John Michael Greer said...

Phil, thank you. Expect a post later today.

Kevin, the ITER reactor is a classic example of why big science has become so dysfunctional these days: a huge and fantastically expensive project that will doubtless further the careers and pay the salaries of the people involved in it, but has zero chance of achieving its putative goal. Still, when the BBC starts suggesting that fusion may turn out to be an impossible dream, as they did in this article, the writing may be on the wall.